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Most active GitHub users in South Sudan

This is a list of most active GitHub users in South Sudan over the past year. Other countries/regions can be found here. This list was generated at 2023-03-26 14:06:04 +0000 and machine-readable JSON is available for:

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           .filter(_.location == 'South Sudan') 

This list contains all public commits for each user. There are 14 total users in the region and you need at least 0 followers to be on this list.

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Rank User Contribs Picture
1. codematetech
(Codemate Tech)
21 Avatar for codematetech
2. Louis12345642
(Kual Louis)
11 Avatar for Louis12345642
3. yason-20
(Yason )
2 Avatar for yason-20
4. cholbol
(Chol Peter)
2 Avatar for cholbol
5. Jmnb2023
(James Maluak )
1 Avatar for Jmnb2023
6. gatkouth20
(gatkouth nyuel)
0 Avatar for gatkouth20
7. 0912222213
(William Deng Lual Deng )
0 Avatar for 0912222213
8. Yak4-maker
(Yak Kiir)
0 Avatar for Yak4-maker
9. Kinqly
0 Avatar for Kinqly
10. Tabandenis
(Taban Denis Tabbi)
0 Avatar for Tabandenis
11. Nunas455
0 Avatar for Nunas455
12. Zeko970
0 Avatar for Zeko970
13. DutM
(Dut Majak)
0 Avatar for DutM
14. JuniorBillkid
(Junior Billkid )
0 Avatar for JuniorBillkid


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